Current Invitations for Bids

Bid packages for these projects are available by contacting the Purchasing Office at (540) 473-8331 or via email at

IFB No. Description Details
14-21547 Botetourt County is soliciting sealed proposals from qualified applicants for financial advisor to the County. The selected firm will advise the County on strategic planning issues and financing alternatives, will assist in the issuance of debt, provide supporting market data, and, cash flow projections; present value analyses and other financial management information, and perform other related work as requested. Copies of the RFP Package may be obtained from the Purchasing Office, or by calling 540-473-8331. [DETAIL]
15-21805 Botetourt County is soliciting proposals from qualified engineering, architectural and surveying firms to provide professional services on an "on-call" basis open-ended contract. The County will select one or more firms from the varied disciplines to provide the services requested as outlined in the Request for Proposals. Packages are available from the Purchasing Office by calling 540-473-8331. [DETAIL]
15-21788 Botetourt County is soliciting sealed proposals from qualified sources to provide Fire Apparatus in accordance with requirements as specified in the RFP package documents. Copies of the RFP may be obtained by calling the Purchasing Office at 540-473-8331. [DETAIL]