Succeeding in Botetourt

Botetourt County is the location of choice of successful businesses from all around the world. Let them tell you why.

Market Access

Hisami Takagi

Former President, JTEKT Automotive Virginia Tom Richmond, Altec


Labor Availability

Tom Richmond
Former Director of Manufacturing, Altec Industries


Low Costs

Steve Helgeson

Plant Manager, Metalsa Roanoke, Inc.


Responsive, Business-like Government Partner

Dennis Penrod
President, Dynax America Corporation


Workforce Development

Dr. Robert Sandel

President, Virginia Western Community College


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Did You Know...

Fpo Did You Know

The Botetourt Sports Complex has attracted more than 40,000 visitors to Botetourt since opening in July of 2007. It received the Best New Facility Award from the Virginia Recreation and Parks Society in 2008, Pioneer Athletics Field of the Year Award in 2011, and Amateur Softball Association’s Complex of the Year in 2012.